Top 3 Movies Inspired Video Games

A game always has a plot and a genre like adventure, thriller, role-playing, action, shooter etc. Similarly, many games are made after successful movies. The storyline of these games is much closer to the story of the film they were made on. Even later, those games also became a symbol of success. Today, we are going to discuss Top 3 Movies Inspired Video Games that got very high rating worldwide and are still favourite games for millions of gamers.

Top 3 Movies Inspired By Video Games
Top 3 Movies Inspired By Video Games

Top 3 movies inspired video games

1- Silent Hill

Produced by Gozo Kitao on Feb 23 1999, SIlent hill is a single-player game series. In remembrance, Silent Hill was a flawless fit to cut through the thicket of below-average video game movies that appeared to come out every few months in the mid-2000s. The game has a very similar cast to the film.

2- Resident Evil

Resident Evil has several movies that it is hard to pick a single one to present for the best for this list. They range from the messes that are Afterlife to, this, the original and undoubtedly the best. It’s modernized and only pokes along at the boundaries of Resident evil’s straggling experience, and with decent reason, the emphasis is on the action.

3- Detective Pikachu

The moment we figure out Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, would be voicing the indistinct little yellow creature, we had the idea that the Detective Pikachu movie would do justice to the Pokemon brand. The movie shows 21-year-old Tim Goodman, who just needs to search his missing private investigator Father Henry and teams up with Pikachu in meanwhile. Cue lots of CGI, lots of emotional stuff about family, and most importantly, enough jokes to choke the viewers.

Hope you will watch these movies as well as you will play the games too. For More Such Content visit our friends blog spyonmovies.

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