How to get free skins in MLBB

How to get free skins in MLBB
How to get free skins in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is also known as MLBB, is a mobile online combat arena multiplayer game created and published by Moonton. After Releasing in 2016, the game has rapidly grown in Southeast Asia and was among one of the games that were selected for the first medal event esports competition at Southeast Asian Games in 2019 the was held in Philippines.

Ways to get free skins

Followings are the ways to get free skins in MLBB,


This application is a hacking app for Android mobile phones. Hence, it is illegal, and its practice is restricted. Nevertheless, still, several people are using this application on their mobile phones for that reason. This app works on both rooted and unrooted mobiles and without even asking for root access. If you are confident, you can also use this app on your phone to unlock ML Skins and Heroes.

Ag Injector App

The application is quite straightforward to use and does not require any superuser (root) privileges. If you are familiar with Mobile Legends gameplay, unlocking superior edition skins need diamonds that are attained by advanced levels. On the complement, AG Injector APK injects a portion of code that virtually opens all the epic skins.

ZArchiver App

This process asks for extracting the cheat script first, and the following are the steps to follow:

  • At this time, extract the script of skin cheat by utilizing the ZArchiver application. Then, open your third-party app after downloading the script. Start extracting the script that you have downloaded and continue the process by selecting “Extract Here.”
  • Next, you will wait for the extracting procedure and get three new files to select from. The instruction is to select the icon (top right corner) and choose “Select-Many.”
  • Select-Many means you should select All Extracted Files by selecting the icon of “Check.” Go to the icon “Menu” and pick “Copy.”
  • Then, you will look for the Mobile Legends Directories file and paste all data that you have copied previously.

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